Flock Security Cameras

Project Goal

The Sugarloaf CID has installed solar-powered advanced technology cameras that capture license plates day or night. The Gwinnett Police have access to real-time info to immediately respond to alerts and solve crimes. The CID worked with Gwinnett County Police and Flock Safety to determine the best locations for the cameras to capture vehicles as they enter and exit the district. 

The cameras use advanced technology to capture a vehicle’s license plate day or night, plus the vehicle’s make, model, and color. Timestamps are also included in the recordings making it easy to spot specific vehicles.

Our goal is not only to catch criminals and help police solve crimes, but also to help deter crime in the area. According to the Atlanta Police Foundation, areas properly covered with cameras see crimes reduced by 30 to 50% because better evidence needed to solve crimes is available through the footage captured.

Project Quick Facts

The Sugarloaf CID has invested in 35 cameras throughout the district.

Project Status

We are working with the Gwinnett Police on permit approvals for cameras in our expansion areas.


Project Partners

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