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Give Your Feedback on the Future of Transit in Gwinnett

Help shape the future of transit in Gwinnett by sharing your thoughts on the transit projects submitted by Gwinnett County to the Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority for approval. The deadline to comment is May 22. Share your input here.

Why is this important?

Gwinnett’s proposed transit project list goes to the ATL Board of Directors for a vote at its May 27th Board meeting. If the ATL Board approves the projects, they will be eligible for inclusion in a potential future transit referendum.

What is the ATL?

The Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority, or ATL, is charged with developing a regional transit plan and coordinating existing and future transit service in the 13-county Metro Atlanta region. Any changes to Gwinnett’s transit plan must be approved by the ATL.

What projects are on the list?

There are 99 transit projects on the list developed with input from the Gwinnett County Transit Review Committee, County commissioners, and community stakeholders. This is an amendment to the list of projects from the Connect Gwinnett Transit Plan previously submitted by Gwinnett County. This list offers a menu of possible projects for a referendum, including high capacity service like heavy rail and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), premium rapid bus service, expanded local and commuter bus service, and on-demand Micro-transit and paratransit service, along with vanpool, transportation network subsidies, and pedestrian improvements to provide access to transit stations and stops. You can find the background on the project list submittal from Gwinnett County here.

What does this mean for the Sugarloaf CID?

The transit plan includes high capacity Bus Rapid Transit to serve the Sugarloaf area with stations at the Infinite Energy Center and Sugarloaf Mills. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a high capacity transit that offers fast, comfortable, and reliable service that functions similarly to a light rail or metro system. It does this because it runs in dedicated lanes. It has iconic stations, off-board fare collection, and fast and frequent operations.

Will Gwinnett have a transit referendum this November?

The Board of Commissioners has not yet determined whether or not to call a referendum this year.